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Recession Proof Business

In this business climate everybody wants a recession proof business. It has been my experience that there are people making money in every economic climate. These are the people who adapt to changes around them to come up with profitable business ideas for the times.

Four Business Principles
of a
Recession Proof Business

If you want a recession proof business make sure you take into account the four business principles below. These principles take into account the demographics of a society, the psychology of people who are faced with less spendable income and still have a need to feel good about themselves; they take into account what kinds of products and services to offer in our economic climate; they also show you can multiply the effectiveness of your working hours.

  1. The importance of a huge and expanding market—focusing on products or services in a sector that is both huge and expanding.
  1. The importance of having a unique and consumable product or service—how these concepts are defined and why each of these factors are crucial.
  1. Timing the trends—the importance of getting in front of large trends and how to evaluate which industries are expanding or about to expand.  You will also get some ideas of what will be the next big trends.  As you are watching this point, remember that in a recessionary economy with so many people unemployed, a very large trend is to train people and help them to earn income.
  1. The different money earning situations and why time leverage is so important to getting more done.  Watch for ways to create win-win situations and how these situations can lead to the best use of your time leveraging efforts.  Watch also for the explanation of the time/productivity connection and how wealth is created by some people’s ability to see the difference between doing everything themselves and training and empowering others to be able to do things. 

When you look at the section on time leverage be sure to look for situations when leverage can lead to headaches and when leverage can lead to training your best competition. Finally watch how you can gain true time leverage by empowering leadership in others. Watch why wealth exposes itself to those patient enough to train others.

More Information About
My Recession Proof Business

Fill in the questionnaire at the bottom to watch a 25 minute video on the four principles of business presented by Professor Charles King who received his doctorate from the Harvard Business School and teaches marketing at the University of Illinois in Chicago.  Professor King is a consultant to some of the largest companies in America.  The other presenter, Tim Sales, is a very successful businessman who has built a business in excess of $24 million in sales annually with no employees, no inventory, no accounts receivable and no accounts payable. 

Watch especially as the four important principles of business are explained.

Be sure also to go through the Frequently Asked Questions at the end of the video. 

As soon as you fill out this questionnaire, you will be taken to the video in a new window. Give yourself about half an hour to watch the entire video. You can pause it at any time to write notes or if you are interrupted.

One more thing—we strive to maintain the highest standards of decency, fairness and integrity in all our operations.  Likewise, we are dedicated to protecting our customers', consumers' and online visitors' privacy on our website. Personal information received from any visitor will be used only for internal purposes and will not be sold or provided to third parties.

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